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FUR BABY RESCUE can only survive with the support provided by volunteers and the community. We are always looking for volunteers to help with outreach, events, fostering, and animal care! There are many programs and jobs that we need assistance with.


See below the different ways in which you can get involved with FUR BABY, if you have any other skills you wish to contribute to our rescue (i.e. photography, video's, grooming, etc.) let us know!

To sign up to volunteer please fill out the contact form at the bottom of this page. 


All volunteers are required to fill out a waiver, available here.

Adoption Events
Cat Socializer

Come spend the day at one of our adoption events.  A fun way to get involved with our rescue and help us re-home dogs and cats.  Inform potential adopters about our rescued pets (you may even pair a pet with their new Furever home!) Do anything from hang out with our puppies to walking a dog around the event space to showcase them.

Are you a cat lover? We've completed our new state of the art cattery! Come down to the facility to socialize our cats and kittens. Pass out treats, brush their coats and get out the feather toys.  Help us get our cat's socialized and ready for adoption.  Take it a step further by being a cat handler for one of our adoption events!

Dog Walker
Foster Program

Giving the dogs a chance to get outside and socialize with a volunteer is a great way to provide them with exercise and fresh air. Volunteer dog walking takes place every Saturday morning from 9am - noon. On your first visit, please arrive no later than 9 a.m. for a brief orientation. Or come walk our large breeds or West Side German Shepherds during the week, from 10am-2pm. ( You must attend a Saturday orientation first before you can come during the week) 

Fur Baby is looking for loving volunteers to offer their home to a homeless pet while they wait to be adopted. Fostering is a crucial piece of the rescue world. By fostering a pet, you are providing interactions key to transitioning the animal into a forever home. Fostering is a huge way to make a difference in an animal’s life. More information available for interested parties.

​​PLEASE CONTACT OUR VOLUNTEER COORDINATOR Jen Baronoff If you are interested in volunteering.  Fill out the contact form here to start the volunteering process and be sure to include the volunteer positions that you are interested in and the days you're available to help out. Thank you for considering donating your valuable time to FUR BABY!


Please download our waiver and bring the completed

form with you when you volunteer.

Get started with Volunteering at Fur Baby!
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