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Help Squish Fight FIP 

      Please visit our GoFundMe at gf.me/u/xrg4bs

Meet Squish: our gentle, playful and extremely loving little girl. She lives for gentle belly rubs, making biscuits, and string. This little angel thrives on being with people and will start purring as soon as you say her name. We love our sweet Squish, and we were heartbroken to learn she has developed FIP (wet). Though her health has taken a noticeable downturn in the last month, she hasn't let it dim her spirit. We are hopeful that, with the generosity of people like you, we can save her.
FIP (both wet and dry) occurs as a random mutation of the otherwise benign feline coronavirus, and has long been considered incurable and fatal. Recently, though, a new drug (Mutian) was introduced to the market and shows great promise in prolonging the life of - and in some cases curing - felines with this horrible disease.
Unfortunatly, because it is so new and one of the only two known drugs commercially available, it is quite expensive. We'd like to give Squish the best possible chance to fight and overcome this disease, but we'll need your help to do it!The dosage Squish needs will run roughly $65 a day, and treatment last for 84 days. All money raised during this campaign will go towards the treatment - and, hopefully - cure of Squish. Please consider sponsoring even a day of treatment, or donating any amount that you are able, as every dollar counts! We hope that, with your help, Squish can become one of the pioneering FIP warriors, moving science and medicine towards an affordable and effective cure for this awful disease.