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What Are People Saying About FUR BABY?

My fiance and I were waiting to adopt a puppy until after our wedding but when we saw Fischer we knew he was the one. Fur Baby Rescue was great to work with. Everyone was super friendly and quickly answered all of our questions we had about the adoption. We drove up from San Diego to meet our new puppy. He was happy and healthy and we instantly fell in love with him. We are over the moon about our little guy. Fischer is awesome and everyone who meets him falls in love.  Although it has only been a month, we cannot imagine our lives without him.  We can't thank you guys enough for bringing our sweet Fischer into our lives.

-Lisa and Brad

Sandy aka Sadie(given name at the rescue) is the happiest and more playful puppy I have ever met, she is healthy and is friendly with the other cats I have. I have Fur Baby Rescue to thank for rescuing her from an unwanted home so I could be able to take care of this sweet loving family member. Fur Baby is so helpful with any questions I have since this is my first puppy, I count on Fur Baby for anything! Thanks so much!

-Michelle Guthrie

Did you adopt from Fur Baby? 
Tell us your experience!

I enjoyed coming to your Cattery today. I loved meeting you, Zoloft, Prozac, Molly and the sweet Torty and Black kitty gang! Thank you again for your good work in helping animals.

-Kimberly Snow 

I adopted this little guy (original name Barley) from Fur Baby back in June. He was just a tiny puppy living with his brothers, sisters, and mom back then. He has brought so much happiness to my life and I'm so grateful for him! Thanks again, Fur Baby, for this adoption!

-Casey Martinez

We got our baby boy from this wonderful rescue! Such caring and friendly people. We couldn't be happier with our little Ike ❤️

-Kim Treacy

I walked into Fur Baby not looking for my dog Zoe but for her siblings. Then there was Zoe sitting quietly on the couch and then on my lap and I instantly fell in love with her and knew she was my dog! 2years later she is not a quiet little puppy anymore! She loves runs and hikes and to play in the ocean and chase the birds on the sand. She's the most friendly and energetic dog I've met. She definitely is the life of the party, because she's such a people person. She's also best friends with my 1 year nephew, they both kiss and snuggle each other and he loves to watch her play fetch and he claps when she gets the ball. I love Fur Baby for giving me my sweet bundle of joy. They are a great and loving animal rescue!!

-Carolynn R.

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