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What do you have a question about?

Here at FUR BABY RESCUE it is our goal to help you with all things rescue!  Check these FAQ's to see if we've already answered a question you may have.  If you find we haven't please feel free to contact us with any other questions we've left unanswered, also remember to check our helpful links page for information such as low cost veterinarians, shelters, etc!

What do you have a question about?

What is your Adoption Process?

Our adoption process is really simple, we just ask that you come by the facility to meet the pet and so we can meet you.  After you complete a brief interview process, if everything seems to be a good fit, you are more than welcome to adopt.

Do you have an application process?

We do not have an application process, all interviews are performed in person and each adopter will be asked to fill out a contract upon adoption.  Feel free to look over the adoption contract prior to your arrival here.


Do you do a home check?

Home checks are not typically a part of our adoption process and are determined on a case by case basis.

How Much is it to Adopt?

All adoption fee's here at Fur Baby include: first series vaccines, first de-worming, spay/neuter, free vet check-up and a microchip**.  Fee's vary. Keep in mind that we are a completely non-profit organization and survive on our adoption fee's as our main source of income to keep us going and save lives.

** microchips not available at all price points and can be added to any adoption for just $50.00

I found a dog on the street, can I bring it to you?

The best thing to do in this situation is to send us a picture of the dog.  Space is limited at our shelter and because we are constantly rescuing and bringing in new pups out of the shelters we have very little unallocated space for new intakes.  You can also visit your local Petsmart or PETCO and pick up a "PetPress".  This magazine has a list of rescues in the Los Angeles area that you can call!

Can you come and pick up this dog running in my neighborhood?

No.  Here at Fur Baby, we do not have the equipment to catch stray dogs. Please call your local animal control if it is a dog you can not catch yourself.

There is a stray cat in my area, can you come and catch it?

No.  Fur Baby rescue does not do cat trapping.  Check our "Helpful Links" page for a list of cat rescues that offer cat trapping.

I adopted from you and it's not working out, do I bring the dog back to you?

Yes.  We require that all dogs adopted from our facility be returned only to us.  If you know of someone who is interested in adopting your dog, please have them come by the facility to complete an adoption contract.  We are required by law to maintain records on all owners of our adopted puppies.

What vaccines are included in the adoption fee?

The adoption fee covers only the first series DHPP vaccines.  It does not include your pup's yearly booster's.  It also does not cover your rabies vaccines or other option vaccines such as Bordatella.

Where do I get my free puppy vaccines?

All free puppy vaccines are given at the Fur Baby facility.

Do I need to make an appointment for vaccines?

No.  We just ask that you come during our office hours. Mon-Sat 9a-3p.  Please give us a call at least one hour prior to your arrival so we can ensure someone is in the office to assist you.

Do you recommend crate training?

The short answer is yes!  Check out our puppy e-guide for more information and help with potty training.

What food's do you recommend?

Here are our top three food recommendations: Wellness, Blue Buffalo and ORGANIX.  For more detailed information on recommended foods, treats and even recipes for homemade foods and treats check out our puppy e-guide!

Who is your vet?

Ladera Pet clinic.  For contact and location information check out their website:

Do you offer low cost vaccines?

No.  We only offer first series vaccines to our adopters.

Do you know of a low cost vet?

We have a list of several.  check out our "Helpful Links" page!

What vaccines does my dog need?

Definitely their DHPP vaccines.  These protect against potentially fatal diseases such as parvovirus and Distemper.  Required by law is a Rabies vaccine.  Optional vaccines include: Bordatella and Lyme disease.  For more detailed information on these vaccines check out our free puppy e-guide! 

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